2.000,000 say „Yes!“ to Democracy

Faces of Democracy: 2 million signatories and numerous well-known people are taking a stand in the name of democracy!

For many of us, democratic achievements such as pluralism, diversity and freedom of opinion represent convictions that are written in stone. However, the increasing acceptance of protectionism and partial nationalism is shaking the foundations of our democratic values. It is high time to talk about democracy again. Since the establishment of the Faces of Democracy initiative, more than 2.000,000 people have – true to the motto “Sign for Democracy” – signed the voluntary commitment to protect and strengthen the fundamental values of a democratic civil society.

The privately organized Faces of Democracy initiative gains media attention through many well-known interviewees such as the President of the EU Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, German Federal Minister Heiko Maas, “Germany’s Got Talent” jury member Shirin David, and the President of the German Federal Constitutional Court, Prof. Andreas Voßkuhle. Together with our signatories from around the world, these are the faces of democracy. Show your face as well, say YES! to democracy and join our growing community in Germany, Europe, and around the world.

Yes! to democracy

Would you like to take a stand on the issue of protecting and strengthening democracy, pluralism and freedom of the press? Then show your face now and say Yes! to democracy in Germany, Europe and worldwide. Welcome to the Faces of Democracy.

Vote Yes!

The Faces of Democracy: „Sign for Democracy!“

Four years of “Faces of Democracy”: 100 prominent faces and over 1 million supporters

Since four years the Faces of Democracy initiative take a stand on a better understanding of democracy and an open, pluralistic and tolerant society.




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Marie-Christine Ostermann, Präsidentin von „Die Familienunternehmer“„Unternehmer können es sich nicht mehr leisten, politisch unsichtbar zu sein!“»
Kerstin Ott, Sängerin und Songwriterin„Wir sind sichtbarer geworden!“»
Mike Süsser, Fernsehkoch und Moderator„Die Currywurst im Bundestag muss bleiben!“»
Dr. Friede Springer, Vorstandsvorsitzende der Friede Springer Stiftung„Journalismus muss Politik begleiten und erklären, nie machen!“»
Prof. Dr. Stephan Harbarth, Präsident des Bundesverfassungsgerichts„Müssen den Staat immer wieder erklären!“»
Leon Edward Panetta, former CIA Director and United States Secretary of Defense“Democracies can survive in the 21st Century!”»
Marija Pejčinović Burić, Secretary General of the Council of Europe“The Council of Europe is fundamentally a peace-project!”»
Wopke Hoekstra, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands“We should do whatever it takes to protect our democracies!”»
Christin Schack, 3M Vice President & Managing Director Central Europe„Wir brauchen definitiv mehr weibliche Führungskräfte!“»
Helga Maria Schmid, Generalsekretärin der OSZE„Die OSZE ist keine Schönwetter-Organisation!“»